Not a blog about religion. Not a blog about rationality. Simply writings about life, seen through the lens of religion and rational thinking.

Have you ever watched Old Boy? It’s a movie about a man who is suddenly locked up in a room where he is forced to stay for several years, without ever knowing where it is, or who sent him there, or why he was sent there. Well, that’s kinda what life is like. We are born into this world with many questions unanswered, many questions unanswerable.

But for me, ever since I was born christian religion used to provide me with answers to such questions. These answers built the very fabric of my universe, the world I understood. But there came one day I realized my universe was just one inside an infinite multiverse, a multitude of discrepant versions of reality, each with their own gods, divine commandments and holy books. I eventually decided to put my head outside the shelter I was born in and look at the cold existence in the most neutral, fair and unbiased way I could, not seeking comfort or even meaning, but seeking merely truth, or at least a knowable truth.

This blog is not an attempt to give absolute answers, but simply a collection of my reflections about life, as I broke with my deep-rooted religious assumptions and adopted a more rational attitude towards reality. It was not easy at start, but what I eventually found was a much more beautiful world, with much more sense in it. It enabled me to see much clearer the wisdom in some christian ideas themselves, as well as in other religions and philosophies, by recognizing rather their imperfections and limits instead of struggling with reality to perceive them as perfect.